10 Compelling & Engaging About Us Page That Will Inspire You



10 About Us Page Examples That Will Help Grow Your Business

Your ‘About Us’ page. It is the face of your business, the explanation of who you are and what you stand for.

It is probably one of the most-trafficked pages on your entire website. And, all too often, it is neglected, outdated, and unloved.

You could have a boring corporate ‘About Us’ with a few paragraphs about your business… or you could have an ‘About Us’ that stops people in their tracks and makes them go “whoa.”

Which would you rather have?

All things considered, your ‘About Us’ page is about more than what your product or service is.

It’s your chance to showcase your mission and values, your talented team, and what sets you apart from the crowd.

The following ten ‘About Us’ pages all go above and beyond, with compelling web design, engaging media pieces, and other features that any business can learn from.

Maybe they’ll inspire your next ‘About Us’ page redesign?

1. Use Original Photography

If ever there was a time to skimp on professional photos, it’s not now. This is the page that literally defines your brand… so don’t just send the intern around with a smartphone camera or, worse, download a few stock photos.

Instead, invest the capital into having a professional photographer wander around your office, snapping photos of your team at work.


With their engaged team and unique and beautiful office space, Bluecadet is a shining example of the power of original photography.

2. Show and Tell with a Timeline

If the journey to where you are today has been long and winding, a timeline is the perfect way to visually tell your company history.

It also gives you a great spot to humblebrag about your amazing accomplishments, and explain changes in direction that aren’t as easily understood through text.


Moz is an example of a company that has gone through many transitions over the years, from a name change to office moves to huge changes in their core business model. All of that is explained in a reverse timeline that takes you back and back as you scroll down the page, all the way down to 2004, when Rand Fishkin founded the Seattle SEO company with his mother.

3. Give Your Vital Stats

More likely than not, your business can be defined – if not explained – by a few key numbers.

How many sales have you made? How many subscribers are you supporting? How many countries do you do business in?

These numbers are by their very nature extremely visualizable, and give you the prime opportunity to turn part of your ‘About Us’ page into a sort of personalized infographic.


Airbnb highlights a few key stats on their ‘About Us’, perfectly color-coordinating a map, some logos, and the accompanying data. Alongside two short paragraphs, these visuals do all of the explaining, in a crisp and immediately understandable way.

4. Capture Imaginations with Sleek Illustrations

For some companies, capturing your customers’ imaginations and showing them the true potential of your product is the key to growth.

Illustrations are a great way to do this with style, sending visual cues about what your company does and what you stand for.


Uber, the app that is reinventing the taxi industry, uses their ‘About Us’ to showcase the fact that their service is key to building the cities of the future.

The sleek, modern design in cool blues and greys imparts the message that a network of transportation options to anywhere is available at the push of a button.

5. Showcase Your Customers

If your business exists to support your customers, why not devote your ‘About Us’ to them, too? This is a strategy especially useful for B2B companies, but applicable to any brand that wants to sustain a strong sense of customer loyalty. Celebrate your clients’ accomplishments and they will celebrate you.


A company that is doing just this is Hover. Hover sells hassle-free domain names and is always looking to inspire its users to take the first step towards making their ideas a reality: registering the domain name.

On their ‘About Us’ page, they highlight some of their favorite projects from across their customer base.

6. Tell Your Story Over Video

Sometimes you just can’t beat a video for how quickly and succinctly it can get across what you do and why you do it. Background video is a very popular web design trend, and using it on your ‘About Us’ can give it an atmosphere that you just can’t give it any other way.


Yellow Leaf Hammocks does this beautifully, with a colorful background video showing how their products are produced by hand, the lives of the people who make them, and what they look like in use. As the text at the top of the page says, they look ridiculously comfy – and more than any picture could do, the video demonstrates this. I want a hammock now!

7. Create a Conversion Funnel

Why not put your ‘About Us’ to work for you? In some cases, the ‘About Us’ might be the page that determines whether your visitors are going to convert or stay lurkers.

If that’s the case, it might be a good idea to push them towards something – such as subscribing to your newsletter, for instance.


One example of an ‘About Us’ doing just that is over at Blog Tyrant. While it gives a strong introduction to the blog and the blogger, it also gives some very compelling reasons why you should join his mailing list.

Another feature of this page I really like is the “About You” section – giving details about what this blog can do for you, and how much the community is a part of the full package when you subscribe to this blog. And you can’t miss that ringing endorsement from Rand Fishkin at the bottom: “I really like your about page.”

8. Show Off Your Interface

If your business involves an online app or service, the ‘About Us’ is a great way to give people a taste of it without signing up.
Screenshots, videos, and animations are all great ways to show off how easy and fun your tool is to use.


Canva’s ‘About Us’ does a great job introducing users to their app and how to use it, with animated interfaces, testimonials, and a call to action at the end.

9. Lead With Your “About” Page

Who says your ‘About Us’ needs to live on a ‘About Us’ page?

If who you are, what you do, and how you do it are a hugely compelling part of your business, why not put it front and center on your homepage?


Cultivated Wit is a group that brings together comedians and developers for Comedy Hack Days, so it makes sense that they would showcase their unique selling proposition right on the main page. They do so artfully, with a sparse amount of copy alongside colorized background videos.

10. Introduce Your Team in a New Way

If your people are your best asset, devote your ‘About Us’ to them.

Many brands have found unique and creative ways to show off their people, from using illustrated versions of them to headshots that switch to an amusing image when you roll over them.


Cornett took another unique route, asking each of their employees to bring in some objects that are meaningful to them for a top-down photo.

The effect turns the ‘About Us’ into a fun sort of eye spy game where visitors can pore over the photos picking out surprising items from the rest.

Wrapping Up

As you are deciding how to approach your own ‘About Us’, you can use the type of information you plan to include as a guide. Do you want to showcase your team? Your company culture? Your story? Based on that decision, you can create or curate assets like photographs, illustrations, and videos that suit your brand.

Your ‘About Us’ doesn’t need to be bland and corporate – make it shine using one or more of the strategies above!

We would love to see your favorite ‘About Us’ pages (or even your own) – share them in the comments below!