15 Creatively Groovy Ways to Use Your Facebook Cover Photo

MARCH 11, 2015

 15 Creatively Groovy Ways To Use Your Facebook Cover Photo

Your Facebook cover photo takes up a large piece of real estate and is the fist thing people see when they visit your page. So are you making the most out of your Facebook cover photo?

It’s the first thing people see when they visit your Facebook page.

Your Facebook page’s cover photo is the largest piece of real estate you have to show off your brand.

Are you using it to maximum effect?

Here are 15 creative and groovy ways to use your Facebook cover photo that are effective, visually stunning, and bound to make an epic first impression.

1. Cement Your Brand

Who: Snapple

What I love: A great image that’s not only visually appealing, but helps brand the business as well.

Snapple keeps it simple with a catchy tagline and beautiful artwork.



2. Show Off Your Mad Skills

Who: Quills Coffee

What I love: What better way to promote your brand then by showing off what you can do for your customers?

This clever cover photo by Quills Coffee shows off their own barista’s lattè art skills perfectly.


3. Inspire Your fans

Who: LinkedIn

What I love: Connect emotionally to your fans with a visual image and text combination that inspires your fans.

LinkedIn does this brilliantly with a single word and a carefully chosen photograph that tells the story.



4. Have Some Fun

Who: Paw Box

What I love: This cover photo tells me something about the culture of this business — they love dogs, have a sense of humor, and aren’t afraid to show it.



5. Keep Your Fans Updated

Who: KLM

What I love: KLM uses their Facebook cover photo to update their fans on how long it’ll take for your customer service team to respond to a request.

Updated every 5 minutes, not many businesses will have the capacity to do this but why not try a more static version instead? (For example, a cover photo updating customers of when you’ll be back online after experiencing a technical incident.)



6. Show Off Your Team

Who: Asian Efficiency

What I love: Let your fans see the inner-workings of your business by showing off the faces that turns the wheels behind the scenes.



7. Highlight Important Events

Who: New York Jets

What I love: The New York Jets remind their Facebook fans about upcoming games by posting the year’s home and away schedule as a cover photo.

A crafty option for sport teams or clubs big and small, as well as any business that have a schedule of yearly events lined up.



8. Promote Your Hashtag

Who: Airbnb

What I love: One of the lesser known features of Facebook for businesses is the ability to use hashtags to promote your brand.

One great advantage of using a hashtag is that you can keep track your fans’ conversations about your business.

Give it a go by including it on your next photo cover change.



9. Gain Credibility and Trust

Who: Socially Sorted

What I love:  I love how Socially Sorted use their cover photo to showcase some of the highly regarded places that they’ve been featured.

A great way to show credibility and gain trust.



10. Advertise a Sale or Special Deal

Who: Snap Fitness

What I love: Keep your fans updated with the latest specials or deals.

Make sure you upload the cover photo a few days before opening up the sale, to increase awareness.



11. Promote a New Product or Service

Who: Benefit Cosmetics

What I love: Not only does Benefit promote a new product with this quirky image, they also show a bit of flair and personality with this photo.



12. Feature a Fan or Customer

Who: OMG Foodie

What I love:  A great way to not only show your love to your fan base, but also to add a personal touch.

Fan or customer generated content is one of most effective ways to guarantee engagement, so give highlighting your fans on your own cover photo a go.



13. Place a Call-To-Action

Who: Amy Porterfield

What I love: Placing a CTA button on the cover photo helps increase click-through rates.

Pro tip: Make sure you include a description and the link you want your fans to go to with the photo.



14. Highlight What You Do

Who: Shopify

What I love: There’s no doubt of what Shopify does the instant you see their cover photo.

A great way to introduce newcomers to your brand.



15. Feature Your Product or Service

Who: Paw Prints Private Rescue

What I love: I love the way the adoptive state of the cats are highlighted in Paw Prints Private Rescue’s photo cover.

What cat lover can ignore these little critters waiting for a new home?


So what do you think? Do you have another creatively groovy way to use your Facebook cover photo? Let us know in the comments below.