3 Super Easy Hacks to Make Your Pinterest Images Stand Out

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 3 super easy ways to make your Pinterest images stand out by Undullify

Stand out from the crowd on Pinterest and use these 3 super easy hacks to drive traffic to your website.

Are you using Pinterest to drive traffic to your website?

Growing faster than any other independent website in history, Pinterest burst into the social media scene a few years ago to gather a massive 47 million users this year.

Pinterest now drives more traffic to websites than YouTube, Google+ and LinkedIn combined.

That’s a huge opportunity to use Pinterest to drive traffic to your website.

But with so many other pins to compete with, what’s the best way for your images to stand out from the crowd?

In this post, I share 3 little-known but super easy hacks that will make your Pinterest images stand out.


1. Give It Plenty of White Space

Sometimes less is more, and one of the easiest hacks to get your Pinterest images to stand out is by using plenty of white space on your images.


3 Super Easy Hacks to Make Your Pinterest Images Stand Out

Constant Contact’s Pinterest image may not be in the center of this pinboard, but it still manages to stand out by using plenty of white (or in this case blue) space to give the image some breathing space.


Another way to give your images space is to use rounded corners or circles instead of the standard squares or rectangles.



This rounded image is stand out in the sea of rectangles and squares.



2. Add A Compelling Call To Action

Adding a call to action to your Pinterest image helps convert pinners and increases engagement.

It works in the same way as adding call-to-actions on your website helps focus visitors and encourages clicks.



A simple but compelling call to action could help increase engagement.



3. Go Long

Long, tall, skinny images take center stage on Pinterest and command some valuable visual real estate.


This eye-catching image of a rocket stretches long over the pinboard and draws the eye in.



I hope this gives you a few new ideas to turbocharge your Pinterest content and give them an extra boost. Have you got any easy hacks that’s been working for you? Share your tips in the comments below.