21 Church Ideas For How to Promote Easter

1. One Card. One Guest.

Hand out printed card invitations to your Easter worship services to all your regular attendees. Ask them to pray for one person God is leading them to invite. Then ask them to either mail or (even better) hand-deliver the invitation to the person they’ve been praying for.

Pro-tip: Make your Easter card invitation extra special by having it professionally designed and printed - sure to leave a lasting impression!

2. Easter outreach event

Mark the Easter weekend with a significant act of service to your community. Think of outreach community activities such as hosting a meal for the homeless, holding a donation drive or host an Easter egg hunt for special needs children. Invite your community to join with your church.

3. Easter yard signs

Print out yard signs that invite neighbors to Easter services and outreach events. Give them to your church members so they can plant them on their front lawns.

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4. Email invitations

In this digital age where everyone seems glued to the phone, don’t forget to create an e-card invitation that can be sent to your regular attendees. Encourage them to forward these along with a personal note.

5. Easter poster and flyers

Create some poster and flyers using your Easter theme, and include all your Easter events and service times. Have your volunteer team put these flyers up on community notice boards.

Make sure they have permission first, of course! Try to aim for high-visibility places like college campus notice boards, library boards, local shopping mall community notice boards, and even workplaces notice boards.

6. Update your website with Easter service times

This is such an obvious one but you’d be surprised how many churches forget to this! As soon as your Easter service times are decided, you should put them up on your website as well.

7. Egg-vitations

Get a group of volunteers to put together little packages with plastic Easter eggs filled with candy, along with an invitation to your Easter services and outreach events. Invite all your regular attendees to pick up some of these packages and encourage them to hand these out to all their family, friends and neighbors. 

8. Create a large scale banner for your church building

Let your building become the billboard! Create a large scale banner and hang it at the front of your church building.

9. Free car wash

Organize a free car wash a couple of weeks before Easter. Make it a non-threatening, non-preachy event, with providing a free car wash the main (and only) activity. Have the volunteer washers leave a small Easter invitation card in each car instead.

10. Be newsworthy

Are your Easter services or outreach events newsworthy? Local papers love covering community events, and chances are at least one of your Easter events will attract the interest of your local newspaper.

Get organized early by providing the journalist as much information as possible early on to increase your chances of receiving great coverage.

11. Easter egg decoration contest

Ask the kids in your local community to submit decorated eggs for Easter. 

12. Palm Sunday reflection

Palm Sunday marks the beginning of Holy Week. On this Sunday before Easter, invite your community to join you for a meaningful time of spiritual reflection.

Promotions via Social Media

13. Facebook promotion

Use Facebook boosts and Facebook ads to promote your church services and outreach events. 

The key is to use visually appealing and coordinated graphics that reflect your church's Easter theme. The use of coordinated visuals helps create interest and also gives your visitors a familiar way to identify with your church.

Not sure where to start with creating your Easter theme? We have a set of free church Easter templates that you can you and modify in any way you want.

14. Create shareable images for Facebook and Instagram

These should be based on your theme graphics so they are easily recognizable to your congregation.

Need a hand with this year’s Easter theme? We have a set of free church Easter templates that you can use and modify in any way you want.

15. Share some handy tips for first-time guests

What time should they arrive? Where should they park? Do they need to bring anything? Is there an entry fee? Remember, these first-time guests have likely never stepped foot into a church before, so try to be as thorough as you can.

16. Create a mini-infographic

A mini-infographic about how many volunteers it’ll take to plan, organize and implement all Easter activities. Use the mini-infographic as a launching point to recruit volunteers.

17. TBT (Throwback Thursday) post from previous Easter services

18. Share key verses from your Easter services

Select a few key verses from your Easter services, and put them on your theme graphics. These verses are especially engaging and shareable and make a great conversation starter on social media.

Make sure you make these as attractive as possible by using your Easter theme graphics and sizing them properly for the social media site (for example, the size for Instagram is different from Facebook).

We have a set of free church Easter templates that you can you and modify in any way you want. The set also includes background graphics correctly sized and ready for your use on both Instagram and Facebook.

19. Use a specific hashtag for your church

Using a specific hashtag helps you track the promotions and conversations for your Easter services and outreach events in each social media channel.

The key is to create a hashtag that’s unique to your church. So #EasterSunday2019 isn’t something you should use. Make it memorable and stand out by tying the hashtag to your Easter theme or the name of your event.

20. After each Easter service, share a few highlight post and pictures

For earlier services, use the opportunity to remind and encourage guests to join in later services.

21. Share all family photo booth pictures on Facebook

If you had hosted a family photo booth, share all the pictures in a photo album on Facebook. Get people to tag themselves and share the photo with their family and friends.

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