24 Best Free Google Fonts [Visual Guide]


Offering an amazing selection of professional-quality typefaces for graphic designers, Google Fonts offers some of the best free web fonts. Every font is open-source and 100% free for commercial use.

Choosing to use Google Fonts will boost your website’s visual consistency across platforms, as all current web browsers will support Google Fonts, including Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari, Mozilla Firefox, and Opera. 

From a collection of 1482 (as of 2023), we’ve carefully hand-picked 24 that we think are the best free Google Fonts, perfect to make your designs shine!


Fira Sans Google Fonts Link ->

Fira Sans is a great choice if you are looking for a sans-serif that stands out from the rest. It has a slightly condensed form that renders wonderfully on all screen sizes. The font family is available in nine weights with matching italics.


Cormorant Google Fonts Link -> 

Cormorant is a highly versatile typeface that’s popular as both header and body font. The family is available in nine styles with five weights to provide endless


Poppins Google Fonts Link ->

Poppins is a lovely sans-serif typeface that works well in both text and display contexts. It has a uniquely relaxed and friendly look that isn’t compromised by legibility and professionalism. We love Poppins so much that we use it for our branding and website!


ASAP Google Fonts Link -> 

ASAP is a modern sans-serif typeface featuring subtle rounded corners. Specifically developed for screen and desktop use, the font family is available in four styles and a standardized character width on all types.


Commissioner Google Fonts Link -> 

Commissioner is a humanist sans-serif typeface with variable flaring. The font is available in three different optical styles, each with a range of weights from thin to black with matching italics.


B612 Google Fonts Link -> 

B612 is a highly-legible sans-serif typeface originally designed for aircraft cockpit screens. A distinct choice, B612 is available in four styles in two weights plus matching italics.

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Raleway Google Fonts Link -> 

Raleway is a sans-serif typeface with dashes of elegant flairs to add a curvier appeal. Best suited for headlines and titles, the typeface comes in nine weight families.


Work Sans Google Fonts Link ->

Work Sans has a playful feel that is more prominent at heavier weights.  The smaller sizes are optimized for screen displays although they can be used in print as well.


IBM Plex Sans Google Fonts Link ->

IBM Plex Sans is the corporate typeface for IBM. It has excellent legibility in print, web, and mobile interfaces, making it a popular choice in user interface designs.


Karla Google Fonts Link ->

Karla is a grotesque sans-serif typeface. We appreciate it’s off-kilter and quirky looks, making this a standout option when something unusual is called for.


Piazzolla Google Fonts Link -> 

Piazzolla is a serif font with a compact appearance allowing for smaller font sizes and tight spaces. Optimized for readability for both screen and printing, the font family comes in thirty-two styles, including variable versions.


Source Sans Pro Google Fonts Link -> 

Source Sans Pro is a versatile sans-serif typeface designed for user interfaces. It renders remarkably well even in small sizes, making this a great choice for UI designs or long-form body copy.


Ubuntu Google Fonts Link -> 

Ubuntu is a unique sans-serif font that sets itself apart with short strokes that result in a contemporary and relaxed style. It has been designed for use on screen displays and is the current default font for the Ubuntu operating system.


Lato Google Fonts Link ->

Lato was released in 2015 and has been used on more than 9.6 million websites since. It’s easy to see why; a sleek sans-serif look and semi-rounded letters giving Lato a feeling of warmth and expertise.


Montserrat Google Fonts Link ->

Monserrat is an attractive geometric sans-serif typeface. It’s bold, dynamic, and a little bit unusual. All this can make it can be a bit of a niche choice. The typeface comes in thirty-six styles with both regular and bold versions.


Mulish Google Fonts Link ->

Mulish is a versatile and minimalist sans-serif typeface designed for both display and text typography. Recently additional font weights were added, making it perfect for both web and mobile interfaces.

*Mulish was earlier known as Muli, with the name changed in 2020.


Open Sans Google Fonts Link ->

Open Sans is a sans-serif typeface, with a true italic. Wildly popular for its clean, upright, neutral, yet friendly appearance, this is a fabulously flexible typeface optimized for print, web, and mobile interfaces.


Rubik Google Fonts Link -> Rubik is a sans-serif typeface with slightly rounded corners to give it a softer look. It features a heavier weight with low stroke contrast. There are seven weights and matching italics. 


Playfair Display Google Fonts Link ->

Playfair Display is a serif typeface that works best as a display headline or title copy. At smaller sizes, there may be legibility issues due to the high-contrast strokes, so it’s not recommended for use as body copy.


Archivo Google Fonts Link -> 

Archivo is a high-performance font designed to be used simultaneously in print and digital platforms. The typeface also supports over 200 world languages, making it ideal for international design projects.


Spectral Google Fonts Link ->

Spectral is a versatile serif font developed for digital long-form and immersive reading. The font is available in seven weights with matching italics and small caps. 


Roboto Google Fonts Link ->

Roboto is a modern, crisp sans-serif font developed by Google for Android and is currently the default font used in Google Maps and Google+. Because of this, the typeface is very legible, even at the smallest of screen sizes.


Merriweather Google Fonts Link -> 

Merriweather was made specifically with screen readability in mind. A perennial serif font favorite, this workhorse text type comes in eight styles.


Noto Sans Google Fonts Link ->

Noto Sans supports more than 100 writing systems, 800 languages, and thousands of characters with compatible heights and stroke thickness. There is also a serif sister family, Noto Serif though we prefer this sans-serif version for its clean and modern lines.