9 Reasons Graphic Design Is Important In Any Business

When you think about successful businesses, what comes to mind? Maybe you think of big companies like Coca-Cola or Apple. What do all of these businesses have in common?

They all have great branding and marketing initiatives.

And one of the most important aspects of successful branding and marketing campaign is good graphic design.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss 9 reasons why graphic design is so important in business. We hope that after reading this post, you’ll better understand the importance of good graphic design and how it can benefit your business!

01. Good graphic design leaves a powerful impression on your customers


When potential customers see your website, ad, product packaging, or business card (whether or not it’s for the first time), they’re forming an opinion about your company based on its visual appearance. If your graphic design is professional and polished, it’ll communicate that your company is trustworthy and credible.

On the other hand, if your visuals are sloppy, outdated, or just don’t mesh with your target customer, they are more likely to form a negative opinion of your business.

good graphic design leaves a powerful impression on your customers - breeder's choice

The same product, but by giving the packaging a much-needed update and facelift, this cat litter is now ready to compete with the rest of the ever-popular market.

02. Stand out from the competition


It’s more vital than ever to establish yourself from the pack in today’s cutthroat market. A well-designed visual gets its message across clearly and quickly, which is critical in today’s fast scroll and flick environment.

Look at how OREO builds a strong brand identity with great visuals. By creating unique and eye-catching visuals, you’ll be able to differentiate your business.

good design stand out from competition - oreo cookies

via Creative and clever, OREO cookies uses good design to raise brand presence and visibility.

03. Help build trust and credibility


Posting social media materials that don’t follow any brand guide will most likely confuse new followers of your social network profile’s graphic hodgepodge. By establishing a consistent aesthetic, you can help your brand appear truly authoritative and credible.

Credibility is established via consistency. The same idea applies to marketing and branding: If you publish material that assists someone in resolving an issue or alleviating a pain point in their own life, they will most likely seek your advice again in the future when confronted with a similar circumstance.

Consistent content development is critical for developing a loyal following of people who believe in your brand and your product or service.

04. Good graphic design makes your brand more memorable


Recall rate is one of the key performance indicators (KPIs) for any marketing campaign. Why? Because if people can’t remember your brand, they can’t buy from you.

In fact, studies have shown that good design can increase brand recognition by up to 80%, and often it can be a simple design elements such as a color choice.

Think of the iconic Tiffany blue box or Coca-Cola’s red and white color scheme. These colors are synonymous with the respective brands because they’ve been used consistently in all of their marketing materials for years.

When you see these colors, you immediately think of the brand. That’s the power of good graphic design.

good graphic design makes your brand more memorable - tiffany iconic blue

It’s not just Tiffany’s choice of blue that makes the brand memorable and iconic.

05. Help you tap into new markets


One of the great things about graphic design is that it knows no language barriers. A well-designed visual can communicate its message to anyone, regardless of whether or not they speak the same language as you do.

This is why good graphic design is so important for businesses that are looking to tap into new markets. By using visuals, you can reach a whole new audience that you wouldn’t have been able to reach before.

06. Increase sales


Good graphic design isn’t just putting together pretty images and text. It’s actually the art of the thoughtful and strategic layout of different components in order to deliver something that works.

Think of, for example, the strategic placement of a call-to-action (CTA) on an advertisement or website. Something as simple as placing the CTA on the left or center of the graphic can be the difference between making a sale and losing a customer.

As Steve Jobs said “Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.”

good design increase sales - steve jobs

07. Help visually communicate your brand’s values


A picture is worth a thousand words, and design can be like a universal language. A well-considered and designed piece can help you communicate ideas, values, and goals easily with the help of imagery, font type, icon, color, etc.

Look at this Instagram quote on image example from Hilton, a brand that positions itself as a luxury accommodation provider. “When you want to feel cared for wherever you go, it matters where you stay” is the tagline of their latest campaign. A simple way to convey these ideas; is a well-chosen image from one of their properties, paired with a great quote. The secret sauce that makes this image pop? The font pairing is used to highlight “a new way”.

good design help visually communicate your brand's values - hilton


08. Make complex information easier to understand


Some things can be tricky to explain using words; think numbers and data, ideas, concepts, or impressions. But a little good graphic design work can work magic in helping to shape and present ideas and information in an easy-to-understand way.

A majority 65% of people are visual learners, meaning they need to see information in order to learn and retain it. Adding to this, studies have shown that our brains can process images and videos 60,000 times faster than text.

Whether it’s a graph, chart, or perhaps an illustration, these can all be a visual aid to help you convey complex ideas simply.

good design make complex information easier to understand - pet petting diagram

How else can we express this without using effective design? This handy how-to-pet-your-pet puts a humorous spin on our furry friends’ quirks.

09. Use good design to appeal to the right market


Graphic design can help you target the right market for your product or service. It makes sense to use bright colors and images if you want to appeal to a younger market. On the other hand, muted tones and a more subdued

The same goes for targeting different markets with specific needs; whether it’s seniors, parents or busy professionals, etc. Design can be used as a strategic tool to help you reach the right people, with the right message.

use good design to appeal to the right market - harry potter books adult childern

Best-selling children’s books have always been traditionally released with both the original children’s cover and an adult cover. Why? Because the book is likely to be bought by both groups and the different covers speak to each of them.

Design isn’t just about making things look good; it’s about solving problems. Good graphic design is all about understanding how to use visual elements to communicate effectively and achieve desired results.

Conclusion: Design is good for business

Good design gives your business a competitive edge by helping you create visuals that are not only eye-catching but also convey the message of your brand clearly and quickly. It can drive powerful marketing results and help you stand out from the competition.

If you’re interested in having unlimited custom graphic designs for you by a professional graphic designer, make sure you sign up for Undullify. Good design is an investment for your business success.