About You

Are we meant to be together?

You run a small business or startup. It could be a long-held local icon, a busy digital marketing agency, or a brand new bootstrapped venture. It could be a fashion brand, an IT startup, an SEO consultancy, a cafe. Or more.

Your title has words like “founder” or “owner” or “director”, but let’s face it, it really should have “marketing guru”, “reluctant copywriter”, “finance director” and “coffee brewing champion” as well.

You may have worked with a design agency or a freelance designer before to get your business’s branding ‘done’, but it’s just as likely that you did that yourself to save the costs.

Either way, you don’t need a full-time designer now.

All the major work is already done, nor could you really afford to keep a full-time designer. So you’ve been taking on any design task yourself or have tried outsourcing the jobs on freelancing marketplaces.

But there’s only so many hours you can spend trying to hack your way around Photoshop or an online tool, and outsourcing each individual job is driving you up the wall with people who under-quote, are unresponsive, hold your source files hostage, and don’t really “get” your visual style.

What you really want is to work with a graphic design professional who is responsive, who is accessible, and, above all, who you can depend on to turn around quality work consistently.

After all, that’s not too much to ask considering you only have small tasks in mind…

If this sounds like you, or you are completely ready to get some professional help with your DIY visual efforts, then we could be a match made in heaven.

But in case you skipped all the above: Let’s be clear

Undullify is not a graphic design agency, and we are not meant to be used as a replacement for a full-time consultative designer.

That means that you will never have to sign a contract or a retainer agreement with us, and you can toss out words like proposals, brain-storming sessions, and invoices.

On the other hand, we would not be able to help you if you are looking to re-brand your business, design your website, or design your logo from scratch.

We professionally deliver small 30-minute graphics design tasks. Fast. Unlimited.

Like how all this sounds?

We’ll love for you to join Undullify – take a look at what we can do for you or check out our pricing plans.

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Or, if you have a question for us, pop us an email at [email protected].